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EGZOTech – Exhibition Stand

EGZOTech, for which we have designed the rehabilitation robot Luna EMG, also asked us to design an exhibition stand.


By designing the stand we wanted to give it a cosmic character, which refers to the Luna design.


The first solution that distinguished the EGZOTech stand against competition was the use of distinctive lighting and glossy surfaces.
The walls were made in contrasting black and white.


The black holographic foil has been applied to the black walls thanks to which we got the glossy EGZOTech logo and cosmic graphics. White, on the other hand, were made of lighted panel LEDs, giving soft light. It was an element that caught people’s attention.


What’s more, there were used a modular wall system, so they can be easily dismantled and used for other events. On the stand, there were also displays attached to the walls, where various ends of the robot were presented.


Another important element of the stand was a backlit counter. At the counter, you could get more information about the product or have a cup of coffee.


On the TV screen, which was also the element of the stand, was presented a slideshow with photos, so patients were informed how to use Luna and they could try to do exercises as two pieces of the robot were presented on the front of the stand.

Akukuu – modular furniture

Akukuu ordered the design of the furniture by Husarska Design Studio because the ones available on the market did not suit to its tastes and their quality wasn’t satisfying. Our customer did not want to equip the rooms with furniture made of plastic or bought in the supermarkets, but he wanted furniture which would be made of good and natural materials.


The furniture was designed for two different areas. One of them is the birthday area. The rooms can be transformed depending on how many children will be participating in the birthday party. The triangle-shaped tables can be array of squares or rectangles, so it is possible to arrange the space in many ways. For example, in the playroom can be carried out children’s drawing workshops.


We have also designed small stools which are also easy to move and space can be rearranged. However, it is not the stool that dominates the room. The most important piece of furniture is the throne for the birthday boy or girl. The throne is available in three variants. One was designed for girls, the other was for boys, while the third one was universal.


The thrones are suited to the rooms. There are three types of birthday rooms: for girls in the mint-pink color scheme, universal (navy style) in the red tones and navy blue, and the third one in the green and yellow coloring. The UV lamps and the UV finishes which are placed on the wall, change the area to the outer space look. Each of the thrones is illuminated so the children have the impression that the thrones on which they sit are as extraordinary as the moment they celebrate.


There are also modular counters which have one base and a number of items that can be added to suit the various needs of the playroom. It is also possible to change their color. By designing modular furniture space can be changed.

Akukuu – space and furnishing design

We wanted to create a distinguishable space for children which would not only be a great place to play, but also a place to educate. Therefore we introduced a concept of the ‘planets’ (rooms) and we came up with a character of Henry the Rabbit, who travels between these planets and is a guide for children.


The children can use a room just to have fun or they can use one of multimedia rooms, where they can play educational games. Each of play areas has different functionality and color theme, so it is easy for a child to see in which space he is it right now.


The main function of the playroom is to be a space where birthday parties are organized. For the needs of each room, we have designed modular furniture which helps to adjust the space to the needs of the children’s activities. The key point of each of the three birthday rooms is the throne, which towers over the other furniture and every birthday boy or girl can feel like a king or a queen.


All enclosed spaces have holes in the walls resembling rabbit burrows, or craters. This design was introduced to prevent that a child would feel isolated from other playroom spaces. This is an unusual solution, as commonly playrooms are separated from all other rooms.


Another important area was the space for parents. In this area tables and chairs were designed for parents to have some coffee, or grab a snack and get to know each other. At each table, there are three chairs which encourage a situation in which people get acquainted with each other. The odd number of chairs makes people be more willing to sit down and talk (Edward T. Hall).


We also designed puffs and benches in different areas of the playroom. The puffs are lightweight and easy to carry, so staff can move them into different rooms. Parents can sit down and observe how their children play. The benches are located in places where one might have to sit longer for example while changing shoes in the locker room, or in the multimedia room, where children’s play takes longer.


The changing rooms are also featured with modular lockers that lock up the automatic lock system. They are grouped by color to make it easier to identify the cabinet with a watch. Their size and height have been adjusted to the parents’ height, including shorter women, who are most likely to walk with children to the playroom. (The highest shelf must open by the shortest woman).


One of the difficulties was to reconcile the assembly of electronic locks in changing rooms because it reduced the space inside a cabinet. Each addition of the slab also made the place smaller. That is why we tried to adjust the size of the cabinets so that they were ergonomic, spacious, and fitted with automatic opening systems.


The plywood moldings that we could use in the project had to be suitable for children’s needs. Most of the moldings available on the market were too large, but we managed to design our own mold and produce furniture without sacrificing the ergonomics, or limiting children’s needs.

Kamet – Stand and Expositor

The main assumption of the project was to use bending, welding, and laser cutting technology, which Kamet uses in its day-to-day work, ie production of plating elements and chassis of buses and coaches.


All the elements of the stand were made in a production plant and were made of the aluminum modules, which were easy to transport and assemble on the trade fair.


The highlight of the stand was the illuminated display of the product, resembling the laboratory. In the cross-section were showed the highest quality of the welds presented by Kamet.


The main element of the stand was a video wall on which was displayed the film and animations made by Panopticon Films. Watching these films people could get to know Kamet and its products.


The Oculus Rift attracted the attention of spectators. Using this virtual reality tool, Kamet presented a bus produced by them with marked elements of equipment. This method of presentation distinguished the Kamet stand among other stands presented at Busworld Kortrijk.

Kamet – Delivie Music Hall

We succeeded in turning the cafeteria located in Kamet Inc. (the producer of aluminum parts for buses and coaches) into a music and training room.


The main design challenge for us was the poor acoustics of the interior. The floor was lined with ceramic tiles, the walls were straight and they were mainly made out of drywall panels. All of these issues had a serious impact on the acoustic, as the walls incorrectly reflected the sound, causing an echo.


To find out if we can create a small concert hall in this room, we had to conduct an acoustic analysis. To that end, we have cooperated with professional acoustician – lecturer from The Institute of Technology and the creator of diffusion panels.


It was challenging to try to soundproof the room because of the presence of the factory floor. That is why we had to design special components which would disperse and reflect sound well.


Then “the wave” concept was born, which on one hand has its decorative function, and on the other hand, it appropriately disperses the sound.


The wooden wave became a hallmark of the hall.


Additionally, the entire area of the hall was covered with a special carpet floor, designed by us and produced at a factory in Belgium. The floor is covered with “Delivié Music” logo and sound wave motifs.


The assumption of the project was to design quickly adjustable space. Therefore, special sound-proof curtains have been installed on the walls and at the stage. These kind of curtains are used for example in theaters and music halls.


Furthermore, they allow rearranging the space very quickly. By moving the curtains – the access to the daylight is cut off and the hall obscures, what creates an effect of more atmospheric and intimate interior.


The hall is also designed for less official meetings with customers or employees of the company, during which the brainstorm sessions take place, or other creative work is done.


The center of the hall is a platform that has two functions. It can be used as a place where the coaches run the training courses, and on the other hand, it can be used as a stage for concerts.


The scene is equipped with holes that have XLR connectors for connecting microphones and music devices, as well as power sockets, TVs or computers screens.


We also designed a special connection system so that the multimedia (including the multimedia projector), lighting and sound system could be managed from the control room located at the back of the hall. Because of that, a technical support of events which take place in the hall can be managed at the back of the room without interrupting the audience.


We also took an active part in selecting the lighting equipment to the hall. We consulted our choice with a professional lighting company which specializes in organizing large artistic events. Now the scene can be illuminated in many different ways, and the light is controlled by a special console.


Around the scene are the lamps designed by us, inspired by fire and aluminum technology. Lamps were manufactured by Kamet Inc. and they will be on sale soon.

Gatta – sensory installation


Light is dimmed in the intimate world. Your smell becomes sharper and you can hear every sound better. Touch creates images and stimulates the senses. Gatta’s installation shows the visitor around the world of feminine delicacy, the world of the senses, the sensual garden where intimacy inspired by the feminine world is born and available only to the senses. A world where desire is awakened and women’s lingerie is created.


Gatta takes the visitors to 5 different spaces. The world of soft and cozy velvet, delicate enveloping silk, the land of spandex, which is elastic as the female body, the world of shadows of sensual lace, which like in Plato’s Politeia is a reflection of ideas, and the fifth world full of expressive dots inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s works. Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina is the curator and designer of the installation.