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CADURA for Sanswiss



shower enclosure


CADURA is a new line of SanSwiss shower enclosures. It combines sophisticated design, ergonomics of details and the highest quality materials with brand new functionalities.


It’s a modern, original design of fittings and an ergonomic and extremely modern handle. 6 mm tempered safety glass covered with AQUAPERLE anti-plaque glass-coating, and the “Soft open / close” system in sliding door models, guarantee extremely high comfort of use.
The CADURA shower enclosures combine remarkable style with functionality at the highest level, designed and made with meticulous attention to each detail. It’s a proposal for people who appreciate comfort and expect sophisticated style.
The new series of SanSwiss shower enclosure is a reflection of sophisticated style and unrestrained nature of water, which natural spontaneity and volatility is precisely SanSwiss CADURA.

inspired by nature, shaped by water

Combination of carefully selected raw materials with Swiss precision resulted in creating series characterized by pure design and high functionality solutions. Smooth and delicate but still very expressive line of extremely original fittings’ shapes the surface of which brings to mind the smoothness of the ice sheet, is the most distinctive element of our CADURA project.
The brand-new ergonomic handle, that was designed on the basis of the latest trends of usefulness of the product, is not only extremely attractive but above all functional and convenient to use.

we also designed a visual comunication

Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina, Stefan Hamiga
Izabela Rachwał, Justyna Janowiec
March 27, 2019

Outdoor musical instruments for KBT


Outdoor musical instruments

They have been designed to give joy and develop everyone’s creativity and inventiveness, regardless of their musical abilities. The playing technique is very simple, intuitive and enjoyable, which is conducive to spontaneous musical experiments. Instruments make sets for friends and families alike to enjoy outdoor music-making.



tubular bells


tubular bells

handpans for two

Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina, Magdalena Paleczna, Szymon Walasik
April 5, 2018

Luna EMG


Luna EMG

The creation of Luna EMG, the first ever robot adapted to work with people suffering from neuromuscular diseases was possible owing to a very close cooperation between the creators: the EGZOTech company and Husarska Design Studio. Our team was responsible for the robot’s ergonomics and appearance.
The robot is intended for a specific target group: patients and rehabilitators. That is why the design team began the works with interviewing these two groups. The planning of the robot’s functionality was based on learning their needs and expectations.
In order to ensure the desired ergonomics, the designers have paid many visits to physiotherapists at their workplace. Hence, using Luna EMG for everyday duties is not at all problematic.

At the same time, the EGZOTech team of engineers was perfecting the applications enabling a patient to play computer games when going through rehabilitation. It is an innovation on a global scale.

The prototype, developed by Husarska Design Studio, had been intensively tested by the target groups. It was only when rehabilitation with the use of Luna EMG started bringing the desired results that it was decided to begin the production of the robot’s final version.

Luna’s housing is made of polyester resistant to various chemical agents and is ideal for hospitals. It is equipped with handles that serve for transportation and a slim, weighted down base. In this way, we were able to replace the initial 1,5 metre long arm with the 60×50 cm base which can easily fit into a transportation case.
It is vital for the Luna’s sales model which is based on long-term rental contracts with hospitals and rehabilitation centres.
Luna has been awarded with the prize of Fundacja Górnośląskiego Funduszu Śląska Rzecz, and became the winner of the second edition of the “Think Big” UPC Business programme for entrepreneurs, as well as many other awards, such as: Brussels Innovation Gold Medal for young inventors.
Jadwiga Husarska, Paulina Kordos
Distinction in Silesian Thing Contest 2015
December 12, 2017

Magsy – Bag

The assumption of the project was to design a walking bag which not stigmatizes mothers or fathers. The bag can be used by both men and women thanks to its neutral look and colors.


During the project, the parents tested the prototypes of the bag. Their comments and ideas were included in the further design.


The main functions of Magsy are capacity, compactness and good quality materials with neat finishing.


The bag was designed for active parents who like to go for walks or trips with their children. Despite the small size of the bag, it is possible to pack many accessories which are necessary to take for a walk or longer trip.


So far every walk or long trip involved picking up several bags. Therefore Magsy’s biggest advantage is its capacity. It is possible to pack even a 15-inch laptop, so the bag will work perfectly for working parents. On the sides of the bag are rubber bands that hold bottles.


Magsy has many useful pockets and compartments. The bag includes a changing mat that is easy to clean. In addition, a separate sachet can be zip up to the bag. It has a special strap, allowing to put it on the arm. Therefore parent can bring the most precious things (phone, wallet, keys) when they leave for a moment from the trolley.


The bag can be held in a hand, worn on the shoulder. It can also pin it to a trolley or clip the straps and use as a backpack. The form of the backpack is a great solution because it allows the parents to take the baby to hands.

The main functions of the bag and its ability to transformation are presented in a stop motion made by Panopticon Films.

Jagiełło – Bowls

Our client Jagiełło asked us to design a new line of kitchen accessories, using their technology and the color scheme of earlier products.


We have designed a series of five bowls of different capacity – 0,5l, 0,7l, 1,5l (pouring bowl), 3l (colander), 4l.


The bowls can be sold separately or in sets. They can be put one in another so they occupy little space in the kitchen and are convenient for transportation.


We have tried to improve the material from which the bowls are made, so we have used two kinds of a surface – shine and mat.


An important element of the bowl is its ergonomic handle, which is useful, for ex. while straining pasta. One of the bowls also features a specially shaped pouring spout for pouring liquids.


The bowls have a hard rolled up rim, which stiffens them. They also have measuring line inside the bowl. Moreover, there have pictograms on the bottom with information about using them in the dishwasher, microwave or the freezer.


Another product we designed for Jagiełło is the drainboard.

Kamet – Lamp


When we started designing a lamp for Kamet Inc., we wanted to create a lighting that would not only be practical, but most of all that would build the mood, enhance the emotional experience, and delight in its visual form.


The lamp was completely created in Kamet Inc. as an internal project for the music hall that was also designed by Husarska Design Studio.


The aim of the project was to make the lamp using only Kamet’s technology, with the emphasis on obtaining high-quality finish.


The inspiration for creating the lamp was a lit torch, whose glow reflects from the inside of the frame and then illuminates the room.


The characteristic feature of the lamp is a polished aluminum edge, which emphasizes high-quality finish.


Another interesting element is the color contrast between the interior of the lamp and its external part.

Apus Sports – Kettlebell

Kettlebell from Apus Sports was designed with functional training improvement on our mind.

The first step was an ergonomic analysis of the way people grab kettlebell during their training. Observation and interviews with personal trainers, fitness club attendees, and competitor analysis was the best ground to start working at the first concepts.

Next step was modeling the weights, testing grip ergonomics and the shape of the kettlebell. Proportional scaling found out to be a great challenge.

Each Kettle is different and has a different shape. Each weight has been designed to feature a comfortable handle and make Kettle easily and safely operable. The Kettles have not been scaled in any way, only each one of the weights has been designed individually.

The biggest problem we faced with the Kettle, was that we had to begin with lower weight, i.e. 4kg, when designing it. With a small Kettle, we had to make the head considerably heavy, but we couldn’t do the same with the handle. It had to be practical for exercises and comfortable for pulling. The challenge we faced was compromising the optimum diameter of the handle (grip) and keep the correct weight of the Kettle. By taking mass from the Kettle’s head and creating a handle of a greater diameter, we would receive a more ergonomic handle. But the head weight had to be bigger to facilitate in doing exercises correctly. It enabled us to properly use the laws of physics influencing the Kettle.

If we want to effectively swing an object, the center of gravity must be situated quite far forward. This Kettle from Apus Sports is constructed in such a way. Additionally, owing to its droplet shape, its bottom is more flattened and its base is more stable. This makes it suitable, among others, for doing push-ups.

First prototypes with target materials and technology were the test to compare the shape, ergonomics and manufacture techniques with our ideas devised in SolidWorks. It found out that the Kettlebell was too thick covered with a vinyl coating. Material flooded all ergonomic shapes of the Kettlebell. We had to calculate those differences and prepare the 3D model the way it includes the thickness of the material.

The final project is the set of seven Kettlebells made of cast iron, covered in anti-slippery and resistant do mechanical damages vinyl coating. It is the basic equipment for every gym and fitness club.

Apus Sports – Space Bar

When we started designing the Space Bars, we watched a lot of videos from the body pump sessions to see how people exercise. It is important that these exercises are more a group practice rather than individual training.


We also talked with the class teachers to find out for what exercises the space bars can be used and how they can be used on the barbell.


What is interesting, the main users of space bars are women. But while designing the product, we wanted to create a form which could be used also by men, especially since the number of space bars fans among them is rapidly growing.


The Space Bars are designed in three different weights: 1.25kg, 2.5kg and 5kg. They can be assembled and clipped together on one another, so they do not move on the barbell.


Each of the Space Bar designed for Apus Sports has also an additional middle handle that is the innovative solution on a global scale, as it allows to perform other exercises such as swinging. The center of gravity is in the center of a palm and the weight is adjusted to both female and male hands. Additionally, when the weight is on the barbell, it does not roll and it is easy to pick it up out of the ground.


The rubber and colorful Space Bars differ in shape because the customer wanted to design other forms for rubber weights. The rubber version supposed to be cheaper in production and also in sales. But creating this type of space bar was more challenging because the rubber is much heavier than polyurethane, so when we poured it over weight, it was much heavier than the polyurethane one.


What distinguishes the Space Bar on the market among other products is the fact that it has three handles – two one the sides and one in the middle. This allows the user to do many more exercises, with two hands as well as with one hand, than other competitive products.