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CADURA for Sanswiss



shower enclosure


CADURA is a new line of SanSwiss shower enclosures. It combines sophisticated design, ergonomics of details and the highest quality materials with brand new functionalities.


It’s a modern, original design of fittings and an ergonomic and extremely modern handle. 6 mm tempered safety glass covered with AQUAPERLE anti-plaque glass-coating, and the “Soft open / close” system in sliding door models, guarantee extremely high comfort of use.
The CADURA shower enclosures combine remarkable style with functionality at the highest level, designed and made with meticulous attention to each detail. It’s a proposal for people who appreciate comfort and expect sophisticated style.
The new series of SanSwiss shower enclosure is a reflection of sophisticated style and unrestrained nature of water, which natural spontaneity and volatility is precisely SanSwiss CADURA.

inspired by nature, shaped by water

Combination of carefully selected raw materials with Swiss precision resulted in creating series characterized by pure design and high functionality solutions. Smooth and delicate but still very expressive line of extremely original fittings’ shapes the surface of which brings to mind the smoothness of the ice sheet, is the most distinctive element of our CADURA project.
The brand-new ergonomic handle, that was designed on the basis of the latest trends of usefulness of the product, is not only extremely attractive but above all functional and convenient to use.

we also designed a visual comunication

Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina, Stefan Hamiga
Izabela Rachwał, Justyna Janowiec
March 27, 2019

TRAFFIC bench for Komserwis




City dynamics requires creative solutions.


A model intended for spaces in which every single minute counts. Special connectors allow to put benches in longer sets, like in the Tetris game.


Feel yourself like a consummate player and create a unique solution for a specific space. Lightweight design with a modern character and modularity will make the bench highlight dynamics of the urban game.


TRAFFIC is located on the crossroad of modern design and nobly finished materials.
Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina, Magdalena Pasternak, Szymon Walasik, Stefan Hamiga
Listopad 5, 2018

Outdoor musical instruments for KBT


Outdoor musical instruments

They have been designed to give joy and develop everyone’s creativity and inventiveness, regardless of their musical abilities. The playing technique is very simple, intuitive and enjoyable, which is conducive to spontaneous musical experiments. Instruments make sets for friends and families alike to enjoy outdoor music-making.



tubular bells


tubular bells

handpans for two

Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina, Magdalena Paleczna, Szymon Walasik
April 5, 2018


SanSwiss – BlackLine

The new collection of SanSwiss shower enclosures with elements in subtle tones of matt black. It is a perfect combination of minimalist aesthetic form with full-range functionality.

Annea Black

minimalism and classic in its pure form. Simple lines, subtle details and gently underlined black contours. Moderation, simplicity and comfort are the features that make Annea’s frameless cabin series a perfect solution for any modern and elegant bathroom.

Solino Black

is an ideal composition of refined materials and simple forms. Practical, distinctive with a multitude of solutions. Smooth satin finishing and contrasts of textures create a unique style, perfectly reflecting the modernist bathroom ambience.

Top Line S Black

calm, contouring, gentle forms and subtle black accents. Ease and convenience of use and the highest quality of decorative elements guarantee luxury, comfort and reliability. The elegance of the form together with the noble finish inspire to create a modern, exclusive bathroom arrangement.

Walk In Back

is the ideal solution for loft bathroom arrangement. Strong contours, geometric divisions and the expression of black lines depict the metropolitan design of space. Free-standing glass panes create a new dimension to the bathing space, breaking the existing standards in interior design.


is the colour of inspiration. MYSTERIOUS, ELEGANT AND SENSUAL. Gently bound in lines, shapes and proportions create well-tuned compositions, harmoniously synchronising with every class of interior. It is a trendy classic and extravagance of modern design.
Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina, Andrzej Sobina, Łukasz Mikoda, Magdalena Pasternak, Izabela Rachwał, Stefan Hamiga
October 5, 2018

Paged Meble – Omni desk

Paged Meble

Omni desk

The very important element of the Omni collection was the desk. The idea was to create a small, minimalist desk for a home office with functional storage cabinets and drawers.
In order to check the needs of users, we have used social media, where we asked people whether they like the desk with open or closed lockers. Thanks to a multimedia survey conducted on facebook, we have reached over 30,000 people.


The users chose a desk with closed lockers, so we designed this version.

Due to the small size of the desk, the desk can also function as a dressing table. Moreover, it’s very easy to adapt to any interior. The challenge we faced was to design a niche where the cable or power supply could be hidden.
Additionally, thanks to ergonomic analysis, desk drawers were designed to not interfere with the user while sitting and also to help to organize the workplace quickly.
Omni Desk has rounded oak legs and a desktop which has distinctive split. The niche is made of solid oak, while the desktop is white. According to recent observations and trends, people prefer bright spaces and bright colors which help lighten flats, especially small ones. In addition, the desk box modules can be moved to different place.
Paged Meble
Must Have 2018
Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina, Klaudia Kasprzak
April 5, 2018

Aldo – Paged

It was the Paged furniture factory that commissioned us to design Aldo. Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina had already created several award-winning chairs (X-Chair, Boomerango, Polonia). Aldo itself is the 50th chair in Jadwiga’s portfolio.


We began the designing with work meetings and briefings with the employees of Paged responsible for the creation of the new project. Together we have established project objectives and selected the personnel to oversee the project.


The chair has been designed by the designing team consisting of Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina and Magdalena Paleczna.


Choosing the material for Aldo was the key stage of the creative process. After a detailed analysis of the available solutions, the designers decided on beech wood.


Aldo owes its distinctiveness to the properties of beech wood. The chair has been designed in such a way, that the legs and the backrest be made from a single piece of wood.

At the same time, the seats are easily stackable. In this way, the furniture occupies little space when not used, allowing the maintenance personnel to clean the surfaces in a comfortable way and save space when being transported. It is of particular significance in the case of designing products for contract markets.

Owing to the used beech wood, Aldo is light and handy.


When designing Aldo, the designers combined Paged’s expectations, the classical principals of design, and their own idea of giving it a bentwood form. The chair corresponds to Windsor chairs in a smart way – both the pieces of furniture have backrests that spread to create the shape of a peacock’s tail.


The Aldo chair is hand-manufactured in the famous Paged factory of bentwood forms in Jasienica.

Luna EMG


Luna EMG

The creation of Luna EMG, the first ever robot adapted to work with people suffering from neuromuscular diseases was possible owing to a very close cooperation between the creators: the EGZOTech company and Husarska Design Studio. Our team was responsible for the robot’s ergonomics and appearance.
The robot is intended for a specific target group: patients and rehabilitators. That is why the design team began the works with interviewing these two groups. The planning of the robot’s functionality was based on learning their needs and expectations.
In order to ensure the desired ergonomics, the designers have paid many visits to physiotherapists at their workplace. Hence, using Luna EMG for everyday duties is not at all problematic.

At the same time, the EGZOTech team of engineers was perfecting the applications enabling a patient to play computer games when going through rehabilitation. It is an innovation on a global scale.

The prototype, developed by Husarska Design Studio, had been intensively tested by the target groups. It was only when rehabilitation with the use of Luna EMG started bringing the desired results that it was decided to begin the production of the robot’s final version.

Luna’s housing is made of polyester resistant to various chemical agents and is ideal for hospitals. It is equipped with handles that serve for transportation and a slim, weighted down base. In this way, we were able to replace the initial 1,5 metre long arm with the 60×50 cm base which can easily fit into a transportation case.
It is vital for the Luna’s sales model which is based on long-term rental contracts with hospitals and rehabilitation centres.
Luna has been awarded with the prize of Fundacja Górnośląskiego Funduszu Śląska Rzecz, and became the winner of the second edition of the “Think Big” UPC Business programme for entrepreneurs, as well as many other awards, such as: Brussels Innovation Gold Medal for young inventors.
Jadwiga Husarska, Paulina Kordos
Distinction in Silesian Thing Contest 2015
December 12, 2017

EGZOTech – Exhibition Stand

EGZOTech, for which we have designed the rehabilitation robot Luna EMG, also asked us to design an exhibition stand.


By designing the stand we wanted to give it a cosmic character, which refers to the Luna design.


The first solution that distinguished the EGZOTech stand against competition was the use of distinctive lighting and glossy surfaces.
The walls were made in contrasting black and white.


The black holographic foil has been applied to the black walls thanks to which we got the glossy EGZOTech logo and cosmic graphics. White, on the other hand, were made of lighted panel LEDs, giving soft light. It was an element that caught people’s attention.


What’s more, there were used a modular wall system, so they can be easily dismantled and used for other events. On the stand, there were also displays attached to the walls, where various ends of the robot were presented.


Another important element of the stand was a backlit counter. At the counter, you could get more information about the product or have a cup of coffee.


On the TV screen, which was also the element of the stand, was presented a slideshow with photos, so patients were informed how to use Luna and they could try to do exercises as two pieces of the robot were presented on the front of the stand.

Hoppa for Bellamy


The Bellamy company, a well-known and respected across the whole Europe producer of children’s furniture has asked us to design a collection for them.


Who knows it best, how a perfect bed, desk or wardrobe for a child should like?


Parents, of course. That is why we approached them first when beginning the works on the new collection. Through numerous interviews, we have gained priceless remarks and suggestions.


What did the parents expect the most? Furniture that is durable and would serve children for as long as possible. But how can parents’ wishes be granted, if their kids grow so fast?


Intensive brainstorms in our office brought us the desired result: a perfect combination of children’s needs, parents’ dreams and our ideas.


The most important feature of the Hoppa collection is that each of the pieces of furniture grows along with the child. As the months go by, the furniture can be modified in such a way, to serve new purposes, adequately to the new needs of the room’s inhabitant.


The bed can be turned into a couch. The ladder at the bed can serve as an organizer or a wall for hanging containers. The sides of the bed will become the top of a desk. The clothes rack in the wardrobe can be lifted and adjusted to the child’s height. In this way, Hoppa becomes furniture both for toddlers and older kids.


The additional shelf for an electric nanny is a solution offered in response to parents’ expectations. First, the shelf is mounted to the bed and then can be used as a wall shelf.


The whole collection features slightly rounded shapes, inspired by Scandinavian style. Northern influence also reveals itself in the pastel colors of the furniture.


The collection is complemented by the bookcase, chest of drawers and wardrobe, all designed by us. All furniture from the Hoppa collection is rounded, thus being safer for a child. It is made of birch plywood and white furniture board. It is vital for a child’s balanced development that it have contact with natural wood and other natural materials from the earliest years.


All the paints used for the finishing of the Hoppa collection have proper approvals, rendering them suitable for kids.

Magsy – Bag

The assumption of the project was to design a walking bag which not stigmatizes mothers or fathers. The bag can be used by both men and women thanks to its neutral look and colors.


During the project, the parents tested the prototypes of the bag. Their comments and ideas were included in the further design.


The main functions of Magsy are capacity, compactness and good quality materials with neat finishing.


The bag was designed for active parents who like to go for walks or trips with their children. Despite the small size of the bag, it is possible to pack many accessories which are necessary to take for a walk or longer trip.


So far every walk or long trip involved picking up several bags. Therefore Magsy’s biggest advantage is its capacity. It is possible to pack even a 15-inch laptop, so the bag will work perfectly for working parents. On the sides of the bag are rubber bands that hold bottles.


Magsy has many useful pockets and compartments. The bag includes a changing mat that is easy to clean. In addition, a separate sachet can be zip up to the bag. It has a special strap, allowing to put it on the arm. Therefore parent can bring the most precious things (phone, wallet, keys) when they leave for a moment from the trolley.


The bag can be held in a hand, worn on the shoulder. It can also pin it to a trolley or clip the straps and use as a backpack. The form of the backpack is a great solution because it allows the parents to take the baby to hands.

The main functions of the bag and its ability to transformation are presented in a stop motion made by Panopticon Films.