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product design

We help companies to raise competitiveness through product design. In our work we use the latest methodologies for implementing innovation. With good product design your sales team gain valuable arguments and company increases its competitiveness on the market.


market implementation

We fully support product implementation process including quality control of the product on every stage of the production process. We also assist in the effective delivery of the prototype from the countries that host the various stages of production.



We develop marketing strategies for the designed products. We produce marketing materials for all branding activities including trade show areas and events. We feel connected with the products we design and surround them with appropriate care.

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Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina

Design Manager / CEO

Andrzej Sobina

Managing Director

Izabela Rachwał

Graphic and project manager

Szymon Walasik

Industrial designer

Magdalena Pasternak

Industrial designer

Stefan Hamiga

Industrial designer

Rafał Kośmider

3D Artist

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